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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  WMAR  September 23, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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received early on was from a caller who prided us with really good informs and we have made an arrest today. >> reporter: otherwise known as the preppyburg la jeremy matthew hall of silver spring may soon be doning a prison jump suit and the person who called the police to identify him will receive a $500 reward. jeff hagar, abc 2 news. howard county police called and said they turned up a wealth of other stolen goods primarily from montgomery county homes. it is expected he will face additional charges once investigators from that jurisdiction complete their work. well a big day for millions of uninsured americans, today president obama's health queer for all goes into effect around the country. joe's see sterman is here to explain what this means for you. >> reporter: that's right kelly. phase 1 for the sweeping health care bill and brings big changes although not everyone will feel the impact starting today. it's been six months since president obama signed the health care act into law and
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today we see the bill move off the page into practice. the biggest practice includes moved have mouches that may loud young adults to stay on their parents plans until age 26. they also can't deny coverage to kids based on preexisting conditions. free preventative services like mammograms and colonoscopes, as is companies canceling your policy if you get sick unless they can prove fraud. but as they go into effect they don't immediately apply to everyone with health insurance. consumers should be talking with their human resources department or their insurance plans to make sure that they are aware of when these changes actually occur. >> reporter: obviously the health care issue has become a hot potato politically because support for the overhaul has dropped since last spring so many democrats are pretending the issue doesn't exist while republicans are capitalizing saying they'll fight to repeal the bill if they win power in
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congress. joce sterman, abc 2 news. we're counting down the days until komen maryland's race for the cure. it is september for october 3rd in hunt valley. abc the news will be live on the air to broadcast the event sunday 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. hoar is how you register, head to our web site when you get there click on the lifestyle tab at the top of the page and then click on "think pink." well the federal emergency management agency says it has approved nearly $5 million in federal aid to baltimore county to help cover winter storm cost, the money will help pay for expenses that piled up like the snow during the blizzard. they say the new funding brings the total amount of winter storm costs awarded to maryland to more than $30 million. oh, those were the days, kelly. but none of that today. first school day of fall 2010, guess what. felt a lot like summer out there. i don't have to tell you that.
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temperatures around 90, yeah, many spots still in the upper 80s, in fact check out annapolis sitting at 80, now 91 win chess interpret. annapolis about the coolest spot out there. and the heat indicks values, throw in that humidity, still feeling close to triple digit heat from cambridge through culpepper, hot stuff. the rest of this first evening of fall will feel tropical and in the 80s and a quick check of your hour by hour forecast tomorrow we're talking about hotter weather. 93 or so by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. keep that summer wardrobe handy. there will be a big change in the weather for the weekend and into next week. those are coming up. kelly. >> thanks a lot wyatt. attorneys have reached a settlement in a lawsuit involving a fatal crash on the bay bridge in the summer of 2008. 57-year-old john short died after his -- he swerved his tractor-trailer to avoid hitting candy baldwin's on coming car. short's family has agreed to a $100,000 settlement. an investigation determined that baldwin had a blood
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alcohol level of .03 which prosecutors decided was too low to press crumb analysis charges. closing arguments got underway in the charge of a man facing the drunk driving death. on monday they wrapped up the case after two days of witnesses and a video taped interview with the suspect andrew gallo. dallas told investigators he drank beer and did shots of saki before the crash last april. aidan heart grew up in the hagueers town area. tonight baltimore city police say a man stumbled on to a stringer's front porch after being shot in east baltimore. it happened just after 10:00 this morning in the 1500 block of north broadway. police say the homeowner had no idea who the man was who was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his chest. the man was taken to johns hopkins hospital where he later died. police say they still don't know where the shooting actually occurred. also in baltimore city a new commander is in place to oversee reforms in the sex
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offense unit. deputy major clifton mcwhite takes over special investigations which include child abuse and sex offenses. three months ago baltimore city police began making changes in response to a report revealing the city led the country in the number of rapes deemed unfounded by officers. well abc 2 news has learned that a cabinet member for former mayor sheila dickinson, thousands of your taxpayers dollars were used to renovate his offers. he was the director of public works, scott made $27,000 in x 25 gant renovations including a zebra-striped rug, a pedestrian as tell sink and a $1,200 desk chair. stephanie rollins blake gave her take. >> when i saw the photos i was pretty shocked. >> i think that the citizens expect us to be very -- to be responsible with the funds that we're given.
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i certainly have never been one to think it's important to have a lavish office, we are here to work, you know. it's -- it was a bit much. >> scott was ed out of his job in july. a court ruling in howard county could change legal precedent in sex abuse cases. tomorrow a judge is expected to decide whether 38-year-old karl walker jr. sexually abused a student in the school where the man worked. now even the prosecution believes walker never touched the girl. rather that he abused her by sending her dozens of love letters, no one in maryland has ever been convicted of child abuse without involving physical contact. several officials employed by the howard county school system are facing a $10 million federal lawsuit. the lawsuit alleges that in december, 2007. officials at patapsco middle school failed to protect a student's rights by not intervening in student violence involving 5 children. the alleged victim's family
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claims he now suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. the howard county school system declined to comment on the allegation. republican members of the maryland house of delegates are pledging to seek tax cuts and reduce state spending, house republican leader anthony o'donnell gathered today with other gop incumbent and candidates to sign a prosperity pledge for maryland. and a consumer alert tonight for parents, millions of containsers of a popular infant formula are being pulled from store shelves because of a possible insect contamination avid racket say 5 simi alec formulas may contain insects. you can find more information about the recall and whether you should to see your formula. this is coming up as an injury that can happen in any sport. how a concussion from a soccer
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game almost derailed her education, we will have the very latest on this from capitol hill. things are getting down right mele in annapolis. we're going to tell you which nuisance is making a comeback after the break. i'm wyatt everhart, meteorologist. first full day of fall 2010, 87 degrees at bwi, 11 degrees above average, hotter than that downtown, 2-degree guarantee was 88, we'll have a weather winner for you today, today recapping, very hot forecast tomorrow. when do we cool off? we'll answer that coming up. for
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. at 5:00. the
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year watching the station that works for you, abc 2 news at 6:00. well we saw them a lot in the springtime and now they are back. and since it was a long, hot summer those annoying stink bugs are crawling their way up and down the east coast. abc 2's don harrison is in annapolis to see how the critters are stinking up the city. >> reporter: it might be the first full day of fall but it feels like summer so we still have some of summer's down false. to be specific, bugs. >> oh, i heat them. they stink. >> reporter: you may have noticed a large amount of annoying brown bugs flying and crawling about. they are stink bugs. brown mark mcgwire any nateed stink bugs to be exact. no need to call them by our formal name. they are already already a guest in our house, car, everywhere else we are. they like the warm weather. >> well we have had a good amount of rain for the last couple of days in the evenings
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so now they are coming up to subby areas, the south side of your building where the sun is the most hottest, things of that nature. evening time they come in, getting cooler, they are trying to get in for warmth and things of that nature as well. >> they'll eat some of our vegetation. the stink bugs don't sting or bite but they sure are annoying. >> it's like they are there and everything, but they are similar. they don't make as much noise but they are annoying. >> they are awful. they are everywhere and they are nasty and my kids are -- freak out when they see them. >> reporter: so here is the problem. stink bugs live up to their name. they stink, if you pester or bother them like a birth or some other animal that would normally eat them, they don't bother them any more that we would, there's not to go kill their population down. except that first cold frost should kill a quite a bit of them. here is looking forward to a
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first cold night. don harris, annapolis. terms may be looking up in terms of construction in maryland. according to some new data from the associated general contractors of america the state actually gained construction jobs last month, just over 1% from july to august, translating into a gain of about 2000 job jobs. baltimore ray ventures owner steve risks scottie is in good company when it comes to the richest people in america. sposhes magazine has the resident at a modest ranking of 308. the net worth is 1.3 billion but that's actually down from 1.5 billion last greer. of course bill gates remains atop that forbes list. speaking of big names in baltimore the 15th annual baltimore book festival gets underway in weekend in mt. vernon. more than 200 celebrity and nationally known authors will be on hand to talk about their books. we x expect to see holy
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robinson pete, judge glenda hatchet and gelsy ventura among others, they'll also host a number of local offers and wonderful children's books and the best part, the book festival is absolutely free. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. for it was a hot one out there today. huh. >> kelly, warm, balmy, many spots in the state 90 or hotter today. >> it's unusual. >> yes it is unusual. not unprecedented. >> okay. >> we have actually seen upper 90s on the first day of fall. warm stuff, we get a hotter day tomorrow. really unusual. reality check next week. it will come back for us. >> seasonable temperatures. >> yes. just save that pumpkin pie recipe for another couple days and get it going and have not have a problem. first day of fall kelly, i wanted to announce our two-day weather winner with fall stuff. even though it doesn't feel like it.
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theresa greiss hopper out of forest hill, congratulations, you get a 2 tree winner umbrella from abc 2 storm umbrella, give us your name at click the weather page and click our 2 cree contest and gets you in the running for all of this. right now not much of a wind going there, old glory hanging in the very minimal breeze. southeast at 7 now, humidity 55%, our weather net camera downtown, eh a hazy sky through the day today. sunshine throughout but a little hazy at times. even a little bit of smog will be developing through the day tomorrow. chesapeake beach, beautiful dayton waters, if you look closely you can see a couple of those migrating birds flying by there but they are a little ahead of schedule based on the temperatures. look at these. 91 in el cut city, 19 in arnold today, hot stuff. temperatures have cooled off, still in the low 80s, across the state 88ies turn still. balmy, a heat index value, close to 100 in cambridge, over
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towards cambridge, the heat index values with the humidity feeling like 90 plus. satellite radar trent pretty darn clear out there across the entire region. not going to see too much even into the weekend as the temperatures begin to shift cooler. i don't think we're going to see much active weather. the whole pattern as shifted north yet up into the great lakes and basically leaving the entire mid-atlantic and southeastern u.s. with quiet weather but a hot humid breeze continuing to swarm around this high sitting off the carolinas now and this front to our north, stationary front, meaning it's not gonna come down in any significant way next day or two, just gonna shift around, really kind of move north as a warm front. finally the back edge of this thing will come through as a cool front into the weekend but we think it's going to come through dry and not produce really any rain. our futurecast forecast model here, a couple showers possible mainly up in the pennsylvania tomorrow, we think we're going to stay dry here and into the day security even as that cool
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air blows through, see the boundary, cooler air, you see we're not again rating much in the way of rain. cooler weather for saturday and especially sunday, both of those cold fronts coming in this weekend going to look like they are going to arrive dry. our satellite right now, here it is tropical storm mitchell, down in caribbean sea. this is going to take a while to, you know, be any concern to the united states. but if it holds together and does a little bit of a curve here on its track up into the caribbean sea which we think probably will happen this tropical storm now down in the caribbean may end up catching a cold front up in texas and bringing some rain up here to maryland if you can believe it. this could be our next rainmaker even though this thing is thousands thousands of miles south here down towards the north south american coasts, tonight 67, hostly clear, quiet night. first night of fall, won't feel like it, putting muggy and barely below 70. getting hotter out there, lots of sunshine, dress light. summer like friday. hit the pool if you can.
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then tomorrow night a warm and quiet friday evening, temperature-wise we're still in the upper 60s, seven-day forecast again the trend here is gonna be for somewhat cooler weather into the weekend. both days dropping about 10 to 12 degrees. two different cold fronts but neither one producing a chance for rain. next week looks rainier and cooler. we'll say more autumn issue into the middle part of next week. kelly. >> all right. thanks a lot wyatt. coming up tonight at 11:00 we're going to show you some stunning video, a couple of teenaged girls going at it in a brutal fist fight. believe it or not that's not the most shocking think about the story. we've got details on that. plus, grab that mcpopcorn and settle in with your friends at seattle grace "grey's anatomy" returns and we'll peta reel life doctor who helps make sure what you see on tv is what you would really see in your local operating room. all that and much more coming up tonight at 11:00. well the fda is putting some may you're restrictions on the use of the diabetes drug
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avandia, it can now only be used by patients with type 2 diabetes whose condition haven't been helped by other medications, the drug is linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. but they have long defended it as a effective treatment for people diabetes. new research by people at johns hopkins finds that when it comes to motorcycle crashes and race african-americans are more likely to be killed in a crash than any other race. the study which is published in the medical journal of surgery found that blacks were more than 1 1/2 times more likely to die from their injuries even though more african-americans were wearing helmets at the time of the injuries. researchers say they are still trying to determine why exactly there is a disparity. today in washington lawmakers heard from a panel of doctors and athletes about treating sports related concussions, among those sharing insight an el cut city
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girl who suffered a concussion during a soccer game. >> the headaches linkered and i began to forget things, not just day-to-day but morning to evening, or even moment to moment. my sleeping patterns changed, i slept more, feeling constantly tired. yet i had trouble falling asleep a problem i had never had in the past. school became more difficult once we started to delve into more complicated subjects. about 45 minutes into my hour- long class periods my concentration would be completely gone and i would develop a -- >> allison says her headaches became so unbearable she was unable to keep up with her classes. an estimated 300,000 sports related concussions happen every year. well it's thursday, let's take a look at how that drag is looking tonight, looking at 695 and liberty road where it is smooth sailing on that ride home tonight. >> storm gear and promotional
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consideration provided by l.l. bean. if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020.
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a plan that brings jobs back to maryland by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work. old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence
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pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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>> on the road you never know what lice ahead but with aaa auto insurance you can count on great rates and coverage from a name you trust. >> abc 2 news is brought to you by aaa. use it for all its worth. [ cheering and applause ] [ bell ] >> stocks were closing lower as new worries emerged about europe's economy and the u.s. job market. let's take look numbers. lots of red. the dow down almost 77, the nasdaq down about 7 1/2 and the
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s & p 500 down almost 9 1/2. ooh. really collapsing today. >> rollercoaster ride. >> you're right. >> kind of like our temperatures. >> they have been going one direction, up. >> last couple days you got it right. rollercoaster down next week but right now this evening we'll be warm out. you are headed out the next hour or two, dress light, heat index close to 90 downtown, still feeling like 90 or so down on the eastern shore. this evening 80, tropical start to our fall, got to love that, through your day tomorrow even hotter, you're right kelly, temperatures heading up but tomorrow will be the hottest day for quite a while. we cooled off into the weekend and next week 70s, so -- >> i tell you like this isn't fall. that's not 90 degrees in fall. >> no. we're getting a bonus summer day, that's a bonus. >> all right. we're back tonight at 11:00. thank you for joining us.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. toni tonight on "world news," o


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